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Casualty Notification Officer

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After I saw the  “The Messenger” movie trailer I wanted to know what exactly the “Casualty Notification Officer” stands for , as I had never come across this term before.

A quick search pointed me at  the casualty notification guide for the casualty notification officer (see the webarchive mirror).

As you can read there is a number of strict rules regarding this unenviable job, let me just highlight some of them (excerpts from the above mentioned document):

  • Make your visit as inconspicuous as possible without calling undue attention to the unusual presence of the military.
  • Convey one of the following scripts to the NOK (Next Of Kin) (without reading from script):
    • For death cases: ….script lines…..
    • For missing cases: ….script lines…..
    • For deaths resulting from friendly fire: ….script lines…..
    • For deaths – positive identification not complete: ….script lines…..
    • …..other cases of death……..
  • Do not extend overly sympathetic gestures that may be taken the wrong way.  Use good judgment by not passing gory or embarrassing details.
  • IMPORTANT! Do not physically touch the NOK in any manner unless there is shock or fainting. Summon medical assistance immediately, if necessary.
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Samsung HD502HI failure.

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My hard drive which I purchased about a month ago just died a not-so-sudden death today morning.
At first a small number of bad sectors popped up a day before, HDD Health monitor status dropped down to 75% from 91%.
The hdd condition deteriorated overnight. Really badly. It started making ominous rattling noises, SMART status went crazy, windows xp reported that hdd disappeared :(
That is not what I expected from a brand-new, Samsung HD502HI , a  highly praised hard drive.
I settled on buying it mainly for backup storage, so almost all my local backup files are gone now, but thanks to the “backup-of-backup” offsite copies that I make on a weekly basis I’m saved :)
samsung hd502hi

samsung hd502hi failure

samsung hd502hi failure

samsung hd502hi failure

The question is: am I the only one having problems with this model, or it’s an issue that affects the line of all Samsung EcoGreen series ?

On the bright side: this drive was REALLY quiet (5400rmp, only one platter), maintained low temperature (~20-30’C) and had low power consumption.

The warranty is still valid, hopefully I will have it replaced soon :)

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