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Windows Remote Desktop via NAT via stunnel via cygwin

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Here is the way to set up the NAT-proof windows-to-windows Remote Desktop connection using cygwin packages and an intermediary server, which works as follows:


1) Get a shell account (linode might be a good choice)

2) Get SleepShell and install it on the shell account (i.e. “stunnel” account) to have a dummy shell.

3) Get cygwin and install it on both windows machines. Don’t forget to enable openssh package.

3) On the target machine (the one that you want to connect TO) create remote tunnel (from shell account to windows):

ssh -v -C -R 3389:localhost:3389 stunnel@servername

4) On the source machine (the one that you want to connect FROM) create local tunnel (from windows to shell account):

ssh -v -C -L ssh -v -C -L 3391:localhost:3389 stunnel@servername

5) Connect from source machine to target machine via Remote Desktop using the address:


That’s it! Hope it’ll work for you :)
BTW, make sure you have your firewall configured to allow the 3391-port traffic !

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