Dell Axim X51V and Windows 7 – problems [solved]

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Just after upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 I experienced strange problems with the Synchronization Center.

System could not see my Dell Avim X51v, saying that the system was unable to install drivers for the device.

Follow the steps to fix it (I tried many things I found on the internet, but only the steps I took worked for me):


Download and install the Windows Mobile Device Center from


Using your x51v go to START -> Settings -> Connections -> USB to PC

Disable (leave unchecked) the “Enable advanced network functionality” checkbox

That is it, from now on your x51v should be visible for the Windows 7

Hopefully it will work for you :-)


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6 Responses to “Dell Axim X51V and Windows 7 – problems [solved]”

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As many of you I have been struggling to synchronize my Dell Axim X51V
running Football’s WM 6.1 with my new laptop under Windows 7 Ultimate
64 bit and Office 2007.

The problem that I was experiencing can be summarised as follows: on
connection of the PDA via USB dock WMDC displayed message “connecting”
and after few minutes this message changed to “error”. I tried
re-installing WMDC and enabling/disabling enhanced network connectivity
in the PDA menu with no effect. In the Devices and Printers menu on PC
the Axim would be seen among “Devices” if enhanced USB connectivity
was switched on and “Other devices” if it was switched off.

When PDA was connected check of Windows update revealed “recommended
update” called “Microsoft Corporation – Other hardware – Windows
Mobile-based Device”. Installation of this update would always fail
with error meaning “lack of permission”.

The problem has resolved after I attempted to connect PDA via
Bluetooth. I established link from bluetooth menu on Axim and then
opened Activesync and created connection via Bluetooth. It worked
after fifth attempt after I disabled “automatic authentication” and
“data connections in WMDC. However, on attempt to synchronize WMDC
displayed “fail”.

I had no hopes but when I ran Windows Update with PDA connected via
Bluetooth (even with fail on WMDC) to my surprise the update installed.
After that I was able to synchronize via USB (no difference whether
enhanced network connectivity is on or off)

I hope this solution will be useful.

Mobile Devices Center installed automatically on its own once Windows 7 discovered the device. It established a connection and synced like a charm. I did a hard-reset (accidentally, sob) and had my Axim in ROM version A00, which I would like to update/upgrade to the latest A04 for Spanish (A12 for English).
I downloaded the official patch, run the installer and the handshaking between both machines begun, which whas shown in the PDA’s screen. I went through the dialogs in my laptop until W7 DrWatson-like service complaining and announcing that the patch installer would close and stop running.
I wonder if there’s incompatibility with the (pearhaps obsolete) installers (the need ActiveSync) and W7…

Anybody has patched their Axim from Windows 7?

It looks like this worked for me too! Thanks for your help and advice. I would never have gotten an answer from Microsoft w/o paying for it. You saved me a bundle of money and time!!!

Thank-you for your clear and easy instructions, they worked like a charm.
I can now see and sync to my pda.
The only issue I have is I can’t select either my Calendar or Contacts, it just won’t let me put a check mark to select them.
Any ideas?

Nicely done! It worked perfectly. gv

Here is what got mine going:-
Downloaded windows Mobile Device center
On dell Axim Go to Settings>connections>Bluetooth>>mode>Click Turn on Bluetooth
On Dell Axin go to settings >usb to PC> Make sure that box enable advanced network functionality is unchecked

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